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Clean and get out those Chewing Gums with a Vapors Cleaners

November 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Steamers Cleaners are great machines for cleaning dirt and sanitizing areas to prevent dirt. They can effectively take out molds, dust mites, kill bacteria and clean kitchens, bathrooms and offices with ease. They are very quick in dusting out the room and clearing out large areas to prevent build up of black mod and fungus.

Vapors Cleaners can easily take out chewing gums on various places like parking lots, sidewalks and other places. They are found on number of places and are sticky which makes the place much more messier and unclean. Their removal is very tricky and they are very difficult to get out of the floors. Due to this reason they spitting out chewing gum is banned in Netherlands and Singapore. Manually scraping out the gums and using strong chemicals are usually the methods used in taking out the chewing gums though it is not the most effective way of removing gums. The best method found is using steam cleaning methods.

Steam cleaners are super effective in removal of gums because they use very super heated and highly pressured water to remove gums and dissolve the gum. They can make steams up to 329 F which can easily dissolve gums and loosen it up so they can be easily discarded. With the help of other tools they can be easily discarded. There are some specialized steam cleaners with vacuum extraction capabilities that can easily aid in chewing gum extraction. This feature enables to quickly and easily clean the residue and clean up the liquid left behind thus eliminating the requirement for separate need of additional cleaning tools. By simultaneous extraction, the chewing gum residue can be quickly cleaned. Some other tools which would really aid in clean up process would be biodegradable gum dissolving solution and a brush which can help loosen the gum wads, some brushes like stainless tell can provide great support. It is advisable to buy concentrated biodegradable solution to dissolve the matter.

If you work in an office or taking care of school, buying an industrial strength steam cleaner is great as they do the job much more faster an better compared to the rest, moreover they do not totally rely on chemicals to get the job done which may badly corrode chemicals and be harmful to precious environment. In conclusion, next time you are in market to buy a chewing gum removal solution, try a steam cleaner.

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